lear's macaw for sale

Lear’s macaw for sale

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SCIENTIFIC NAME: Anodorhynchus leari

POPULATION: 1,300 adults
IUCN STATUS: Endangered
TREND: Increasing
HABITAT: Arid caatinga (scrub forest) with sandstone canyons and stands of licuri palms



Lear’s macaw for sale

The Lear’s Macaw sits next to the Hyacinth as one of the last two remaining blue macaws in the wild in Brazil. The ongoing destruction of the natural habitat as well as illegal trafficking has threatened the survival of this species more than ever. Lear’s macaw for sale available now at your favourite macaw parrot farm. Just place your order and wait for your new best friend.

Together with the government of Brazil, ACTP has actively engaged in the protection and the conservation of the Lear’s Macaw for sale in the wild.

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