golden collared macaw

Golden Collared Macaw for Sale

$750.00 $600.00

  • Size: 15-16 inches
  • Lifespan: up to 50 years
  • Bird Species: Macaw
  • Colors: Green
  • Sounds: Vocal,Loud, Mimics, Natural calls
  • Interaction: Social, Fun, Clown, Affectionate, Cuddly
  • Comparable Breeds: Hyacinth Macaw, Severe Macaw

Golden Collared Macaw for Sale General Info

The Golden collared macaw belongs to the group of the so-called “mini macaws”. Also, the golden collared macaws  are truly one of the funkiest and cutest parrots in this family. These affectionate, goofy and intelligent birds are friendly and close bonding companions, with a lovely and colorful look. It is often said that the golden collared macaw birds are like all the large macaws. – Just in a smaller body! With enough love and care, they will reach a lengthy lifespan of fifty years. During which they will become a cherished friend.

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