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Blue Throated Macaw for Sale

The Blue Throated Macaw Ara glaucogularis is one of the most spectacular of the large Macaws. It displays an elegant form and is more graceful in its movements than its counterparts. In color it is similar to the slightly larger Blue and Gold Macaw, with a beautiful teal blue color along its upper parts and a golden color underneath. But it is distinguished by a large blue band across the throat that extends up to its ear coverts, and thus the name ‘Blue-throated’. It is also known as the Canide Macaw and the Wagler’s Macaw.

This beauty has only really become known in aviculture since the late 1970’s. While all the other large macaws were discovered up to 200 years earlier, in the 1700 and 1800 hundreds, the Blue-throated Macaw was not described until 1921. Its natural habitat is not widespread. It is found only in very reduced areas, primarily in Bolivia. They dwell mostly in lowlands inhabiting humid dense forests, or secondary forests close to water.

Blue-throated macaw personality

The Blue-throated Macaw is a very docile and affectionate pet bird, but it is also quite intelligent and inquisitive. As wild birds, they are found to be shy and reclusive, but as hand-fed birds they are very outgoing and talkative. They love chewing and performing acrobatic antics. Those activities, along with exploring their surroundings with their tongue and beak, are some of their favorite pastimes.

Although these Macaws don’t care to be handled quite as much as their close relative the Blue and Gold Macaw, they are undemanding and friendly. They are not inclined to bite nor are they not excessively loud, as many of the other macaws can be. The Blue Throated Macaw for sale is quite content to entertain itself especially if given plenty of chewing materials. These qualities make them a wonderful pet or aviary bird. They can be kept even where there are neighbours close by.

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